Today I was walking around at Target hunting for the 10th birthday present I had to buy in this summer season for all those summer birthdays my kids are invited to, when I noticed the T-shirt sold for kids with these writings on them: “Make waves”, “Make a difference” “Make an impact”.And it made me very uneasy in my stomach. I realized how culturally brainwashed we all are in this Western Modern world we live in,  especially in this capitalist, individualist-worshiping American culture. This self advertising, egotistical and arrogant message has been the motto for so many years, and it is getting loud and proud by the minute. “They” tell it to anyone and everyone to “make a difference”, “change the world” “go out to the world, become a leader and make an impact”. And this ideology is not just the motto of the materialistic world, but also crept into the spiritual world and teachings as well lately. So many self-helping, self-proclaimed home made gurus are preaching that the secret to happiness is you becoming something different than what you are now, achieving your dreams and goals and making an impact on others and the world around you. But holy crap, there are soooo many flaws with this theory.

First of all: if everyone is a leader, who the hell will be the follower? It takes two to tango, and if both of them are trying to lead, it will be more of a disaster than a flowing, beautiful dance. So not everyone has to be a leader, and a follower is not any less either ..but an equal. Following is a skill as well. It’s like a yin-yang form. Both are opposites yet equally needed to for a whole.

Second : people are dumb as f@ck. Me included. People don’t know shit. Yes, we explore the world and we discover things, but we haven’t figured out the answer to the most basic and burning question of all time: who we are, how did we get here and where are we going? Who are we and what is consciousness? Plus how to live in peace and harmony with the life and habitat around us without destroying it and biting the hand that feeds us. All we have done was “concurring” lands, each other, torturing humans, animals and the field around us….and you are telling *these people* to “go out and make a difference”, “voice your opinion” and “leave your imprint on this earth”. Please don’t!  You wouldn’t tell visitors of a museum standing next to a perfectly composed, beautifully painted piece of art to go ahead and “leave your footprint on it”, “make a difference” or “make a video of it and preach your opinion to the crowd because your opinion matters”. NO! You would tell them to shut the hell up, don’t ruin it with your dirty fingerprints and appreciate the beauty that it gives you or leave the museum. Yet, with Mother Earth, we think we are the shit, we are the ultimate catharsis of creation and we are here to make a difference (but notice, any difference we have made so far has only been ruining the originally perfect creation, not adding anything positive to it).  We are dumb humans, we don’t know how to live without causing damage and messing with the perfect masterpiece. Let’s not be so cocky to think that our ideas, thoughts and ways of life is the only good way of being/thinking because ideas/self perceptions and opinions change ALL.THE.TIME! So why do we think that where ever we are in this moment is what needs to be voiced and shouted from the top of the hill to convince everyone that they are wrong, and we are right. Because that’s all what it comes down to after all. The battles of the EGOS.

Thirdly: this puts a lot of pressure on everyone to live up to this social hype& expectations of “becoming” someone, leaving an impact on the world around us and takes the focus away from actually just “being” and enjoying what life has to offer. Why do humans always feel the need to be in charge, in control…when in reality, they have no idea what they are doing?! We are just dumb children trying to drive a car we know absolutely nothing about, yet so convinced that that’s our job…to drive, to control…and that only makes us crash into the first tree or house anyways. Instead of constantly trying to impose our ideas and world views on the world we are living in (and that functions just perfectly without our control over it anyways) we could just relax into this being, living, observing, appreciating, and following the natural flow of life. No need to put so much pressure on ourselves to be someone or something else other than who we already are. How do you know that the success you achieve is not gonna be the first step of the biggest failure you experience? How do you know for sure that what you think is your most delicious dream is not gonna turn into the worst nightmare once it comes true?! How many times have you gotten what you wanted and turned out it was not good for you at all? How many times did our best ideas backfire once we made them come true?! How can people still trust their own limited, ego-centered and arrogant ideas and world views, super imposing it on others and trying to make profit off of it. And deeming others a loser, or a failure if they don’t get in line and try to climb up on the ladder that’s leaning towards the wrong wall. Why do we hint this idea into the western people’s subconscious that the only life worth living is the one where you are admired, approved by others, conquering others, achieving high goals and becoming rich. Why is a simple life that lives in harmony with nature and doesn’t create chaos or harm to others not equally as admired or noticed or worshiped?????

Let me tell you why! Because there is no profit in it for anyone and the only person who benefits from it is the one living in peace with his life. No one else around him will be able to make money off of a person who is content with his life (what do you sell someone who has it all?), his body (who will be able to sell a diet pill or plastic surgery to the one who accepts and loves his/her own body?!), or who is present where ever he is,( instead of trying to get to anywhere BUT present moment). This idea of constant dissatisfaction is the breeding ground of all profit hungry corporations and also behind those self-help guru messages (because you will sign up for their news letters, subscribe to their YouTube channels and pay for their courses of “life changing events”.

I believe everyone has and knows this truth deep down inside, but we have been so separated from our true nature, our inner voice and our intuition that underneath all these outside influences, chatters, noises and preaching, we can’t recognize and trust what’s real anymore. And the more we listen to these noises around us, the more lost we will feel in this rat race, in this doing, achieving and accomplishing, and we will never reach the finish line, but will die in exhaustion chasing our own tails.

Instead we should just stop, quiet down and give space and time to hear what’s real, what’s underneath all this outside noise and follow it. It’s there in everyone. I think…. I hope…but again, I am not imposing this idea on anyone, because what the hell do I know?! The only thing I know for sure is that I know nothing. And the more I discover, the less sure I am about anything and everything.


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