The other day I was driving with a pot of plant riding on the seat next to me. It was chilling and hanging out with me, until I got the the intersection and – even though the light was green –  the person in front of me decided to stop. I automatically slammed on the break as well, causing my dear, unsuspecting flower next to me to faceplant on the floor, top down on the rubber mat.

— F@@@@@@@@@ck! You idiot fool! – were the words that left my mouth immediately blaming the unsuspecting driver in front of me for my plant’s near death experience.

But as soon as these beautiful words left m mouth, I immediately realized what just happened.

That person stopped because she didn’t want to get stuck in the middle of the intersection in case the light turns red, because there were too many cars in front of her already. Also, given that she hasn’t really worked on her psychic abilities yet, she had no way of knowing that I was riding with my newfound friend (AKA plant) that was not buckled in and wasn’t properly holding on either.

Long story short, it was MY responsibility to secure that plant. It was my responsibility to make sure to do my best that in case it is not a smooth sailing trip, I still maximize it’s chances of surviving. Or ride slower so I can stop more smoothly in case something like this happens. Either way… it was MY  FREAKING responsibility to do my part. Not hers. She was doing her best she could with the knowledge she had to survive, to be safe and to keep others safe. I was lacking on my part and paid the price.

Chill out y’all, the plant survived and it is safe and sound in my home now… It is all buckled in case an earthquake happens, or something :)))) I’ve learnt my lesson :)))

But anyways, it made me think how often I do this… how often I play the victim? How often I blame others for my mistakes? How often I give away my power with this blame game? Because once I took responsibility for my actions, my past, my history, I felt a sense of power. Victim mode leaves us powerless. We are always gonna be at the mercy of our circumstances, other people’s intentions, wills and deeds, etc…but once you claim responsibility for your own actions, your own past and present and future, you are FREE! You are free to create whatever you want, however you want to view the happenings and however you want to shape your future. And that’s my friend, where the real power is found!

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