I understand it’s very popular these days to hate on 2020, and for valid reasons. There is that little thing called virus that keeps us all in check, kills a few of us and the rest is just not able to taste the “fruitiness, oakiness & earthiness” of their daily dose of wine while they nurse their aching bodies back to health for a week. It is a genuine reason to hit thumbs down on the Facebook page of 2020. But if it wasn’t enough, then there is that muzzle (aka mask) we all have to wear in “protection of others”, just so that we can righteously be called a grandma killer if that protection device dares to slip under our noses for a split second. One more reason to divide our country, continent, and planet, as if we haven’t had enough reasons for it just yet. Then there was the quarantine (lockdown…. let’s not sugar coat it….dismantling of our economy while keeping us in voluntary house arrest. That was another level of a doozy all in a name of “our protection and for our own good”. Then some people lost their jobs, family members, more and more people became even more isolated, suicidal, depressed and if corona wasn’t successful at killing most of us, we – the people – took care of the rest of the job. Starting with a few bad apples in the police department, then the trend took off and we started hitting, kicking, shooting everything and everyone else around us. Vandalism, looting, riots and whatnots were rampant, BLM was graffitied on every building and car ( not because they asked for the ultimate and trendiest exterior design style, but just because…. you’ll get it whether you like it or not by a random street designer hooligan :). And then there was the wild fires in the whole West coast.

Have I missed anything else?!

Oh yes, the election. How could I even forget? Biden and Trump going at it, the shit that’s coming out is impressive and here we are again, 4 years down the road, we are facing the choice, which pop socket we should stick our forks into yet again.

So that’s it folks! We have all the right to cancel this year. Let’s just blink and pretend that this has never happened, and move on just like Kim Kardashian did when she got a sneak peek of Bruce Jenner wearing a dress.

It would, indeed, be super easy to hate on this year, especially if you add your own personal hurts of the year on top of it all.

Yet, I had enough of all that hatred too. It’s all good and dandy until it’s not. One just gets tired of all the doom and gloom as well, because you realize that hatred only hurts the container it’s been held in. I got tired of chant the same old hateful song the rest of the world was oh so happy to sing, and decided to look for all the good that this 2020 had to offer. And guess what?! EVERY coin has 2 sides! Always!!!! Its’s just the matter of wanting and being willing to search for it and opening our eyes to it.

Let’s start with the obvious: we all needed a little break. Mother earth needed a little break from all the shit we’ve put her through. Less traffic on the roads was so nice. Less pollution was also nice, until the fires effed that all up, too 🙂 Staying home with ourselves, getting to know ourselves was much needed indeed. Getting out of the rat race and thinking for a second about life was much appreciated as well. People have learned to cook from scratch and America, it was about time. We definitely appreciate a good hug, a friend’s company and toilet paper these days. When I see the whole store stacked up with TP, my heart smiles 🙂 because for a second, the whole TP pandemic seemed very real, but then I became like Bear Grylls in the wild, and improvised and my life was saved from drowning in my own filth 🙂

Ok, but all jokes aside, 2020, I LOVE YOU! You have been like a tough parent to me. You have showed me what really matters in life. Turns out, not many things 🙂 and the ones that do matter, we take them for granted, never stopping to appreciate them & be grateful for them. Such as my relationships, my hugs and kisses from my kids, family and friends. My health and my loved one’s health. Clean air…especially after the smoke we had from the fires. The sunshine on my skin. The job I still have. The time I got to spend with myself, discovering myself. The kindness I observed among humans. The willingness to help each other out. No matter what political views we shared, when someone was in need, we got together and we helped that person. The plant medicine that helped me purge all the old gunk inside of me, and helped me reevaluate the whole meaning of life. And last, but not least, the facing of my ultimate fear and overcoming it: DEATH. It is a scary topic, most people tend to plug their ears and walk away when it comes up, but I actually had the time to sit down with it, think about it, feel into it, and become friends with it. Appreciate it for what it is, and how more meaningful and beautiful it actually makes life itself.

So while I know that 2020 is far from being over, and while I’m ready for the alien invasion or meteor of some sort to arrive, I am hopeful that every bad has a good in it and every darkness can be dissolved by the light.

I have faith in humanity, in our progress, in the journey we are collectively on. We are going through some rough patches but it forces us to realize what really matters in our lives, what we want to focus on and give our time and attention to. Then the rest will fall into it’s place. Many many things are not under our control, this world does its own thing, the planets are spinning the way they are ordered to…so all we need to do is just keep on breathing, blinking, being and braving the wilderness.

We got this!

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